Insolvency and Business Restructuring in Africa Seminar

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Insolvency and Business Restructuring in Africa Seminar

Managing Partner, Seth Asante, will be speaking at the Weksmans Attorneys / Lex Africa seminar and networking session on Insolvency and Business Restructuring in Africa.

The event will focus on providing information about local laws and recovery mechanisms in Ghana and other African countries.

Members of LEX Africa from Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius and Mozambique will provide insight into the local laws, and recovery mechanisms available in each of these jurisdictions. An understanding of this is essential for any investor, financial institution or corporate who might be considering investing or lending in Africa where it is important to understand the limitations, scope and efficacy of the insolvency regimes applicable in each jurisdiction. The ability to foreclose and extract value in an insolvent and distressed debt situation will determine successful outcomes and maximise recoveries.


Internal Speakers:

Seth Asante 

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21st October, 2022 ; 1pm GMT | Completed 

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